Boatbuilding program is currently on hiatus, but I am working to bring it back in the future.

Summer Boatbuilding Classes

40-60 hour classes - Various schedules (evenings, or intensive full day week classes)

Learn to build a wooden boat using traditional tools and methods. Boat building, has had a long history in Marblehead. This class is developed to continue that history, and develop woodworking/manual skills while producing a fun versitile boat. 



The Boat:
I am currently developing a 12-14' boat for the purpose of young families getting out on the water. The goal is to have a boat that can be mostly build in 40-60 hour class that families can take home at the end of the class. The boat will be developed to hold a small outboard, a safe sail rig/centerboard, and 2 oar stations for one adult/child to row together. 

Boatbuilding at Redd’s Pond Boatworks:

The class will meet regularly to cover a range of boatbuilding skills from reading a table of offsets through the final coat of paint and launch.  No experience is necessary for enrollment.  A small set of tools is required for each student, but Redd’s Pond Boatworks has many loaner tools available. 

Cost:  TBD


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Photos from 2014 class building a Banks Dory